KVK, Team


Dr. D. K. Rana

Senior Scientist-cum-Head

Discipline : Plant Protection

Specialisation: Integrated Pest & Disease Management, Bee Keeping, Mushroom Production

Contact No.: 9310904705

Email id: kvkujwa@yahoo.com


Dr. Ritu Singh

Subject Matter Specialist (Scientist)

Discipline : Home Science

Specialisation: Food science and nutrition, food processing & value addition, Women empowerment, Group Mobilization (SHG & FPO formation)

Contact No.: 9818550652

Email id : kvkujwa@yahoo.com

Dr. Rakesh Kumar

Subject Matter Specialist (Scientist)

Discipline: Horticulture

Specialization: Vegetables, Fruit and Flower Cultivation under Open and Protected Condition and Peri-Urban & Terrace Farming and Skill Development Training Programme.

Contact No.:9313047633

Email id : kvkujwa@yahoo.com

Dr. Samar Pal Singh

Subject Matter Specialist (Scientist)

Discipline : Agronomy

Specialisation: Field Crop Production, Natural Resources & Water Management, Conservation in Agriculture, Natural & Organic Farming

Contact No.:8887869369

Email id : kvkujwa@yahoo.com

Sh Kailash

Subject Matter Specialist (Scientist)

Discipline: Agril. Extension

Specialisation: ICTs, Capacity Building, Transfer of Technology and Group Mobilization (FPOs)

Contact No.:8619296181

Email id : kvkujwa@yahoo.com

Dr. Jai Parkash

Subject Matter Specialist (Scientist)

Discipline: Animal Husbandry / Veterinary sciences

Specialisation: Dairy Production and Nutrition Management, Disease Management in Livestock & Poultry, Consultancy to livestock owners and Skill Development Training Programmes.   

Contact No.:9813803111

Email id :  kvkujwa@yahoo.com


Mrs. Manju

Designation: Programme Assistant (Computer)

Qualification: MCA

Specialization: IT & Website Development, All Portals Administrative & Agricultural 

Email id : kvkujwa@yahoo.com

Sh Brijesh Yadav

Programme Assistant

Discipline: Soil Science

Specialisation: Soil and Water Testing and Soil Fertility Management

Contact No.:8178929760

Email id : kvkujwa@yahoo.com

Sh Ram Sagar

Farm Manager

Qualification: M.Sc. (Horti)

Working Area: Farm Management and Quality Agri-input Production.

Contact No.:8953751501

Email id :  kvkujwa@yahoo.com

Administration and Finance

Sh Subedar Pandey

Designation: O.S.C.A

Working Area: Administration

Sh Atma Ram

Designation: Clerk cum Storekeeper

Supporting Staffs

Sh. Rajesh Kumar

Driver cum Mechanic

Sh. Krishan Kumar

Driver cum Mechanic